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Hosted IT Services (Cloud Computing)

In 2014 we launched our own virtual data centre giving hosted IT solutions to businesses across Dorset.  Also known as "cloud computing" or "software-as-a-service (SaaS)", we can offer scalable IT solutions ranging from 1 – 200 users allowing them to access their business software on the internet.  Our systems are completely elastic, you only pay for what you use. Call us on 01202 823400 to discuss how it can benefit you...

Why Choose Hosted IT?

Serious cost savings 

This benefit is probably the biggest attraction to cloud computing. You can use hosted IT to access everything from software to operating platforms to entire IT infrastructures, without investing in hardware or software upgrades.

Not only does this save on software licensing, particularly the large upfront investments, but it also reduces or even eliminates the need for dedicated IT staff. We take care of all the maintenance and upgrades for you.

Better payment arrangements - PAYG

We can provide Software-as-a-service "SaaS" online that gives you the full enterprise or standard software packages for a monthly fee, rather than having to buy the software outright and install it on your computers or servers. Also, if you migrate your entire network to the cloud, you pay only for those services you need, and only the capacity and server storage you actually use.

Ample storage space with easy upgrade

With cloud computing, you get all the storage space you need, plus you can easily add or subtract storage anytime, with no financial penalties. Hosted IT also means you won't have to invest in a couple of terabytes of storage "just to make sure you're covered", only to discover that you're only using a handful of gigabytes-worth of space. 

Easy automation

With Comms UK, your software is automatically updated when it's needed. We minimise any potential disruption to your business by applying updates automatically when you log into your cloud platform. In addition, our hosted IT solutions keep track of your usage. When you need more space or capacity, the system compensates automatically.

Fantastic flexibility

Pay-as-you-go makes a huge difference to your cashflow, but the easy expansion of cloud services means it is simple to keep up with business growth. In a matter of a few minutes, you can add new applications, increase your server space, or increase your network capacity.

The scalability of our cloud computing solution keeps you from having to invest in more space or hardware every time you experience growing pains.

Greater mobility

You can access your business data and applications from anywhere with our Hosted IT solutions, as long as you have an Internet connection. Any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet can provide access to your essential files and functions.

Pricing - How much is our Hosted IT Service?

Our pricing is highly competitive, and tailored to your needs.

Call 01202 823400 to get a custom quote for your business or project.

Here's an example to show low how we keep the costs...

Description Unit of Measure RRP Per Month Comments
CPU Reservation GHz £10.00 Set-up Free of Charge
Memory Allocation GB £15.00 Set-up Free of Charge
SATA GB £0.10  
SATA Failover GB £0.20  
SAS GB £0.40  
SAS Fail Over GB £0.80  
Data Transfer GB £0.10 Set-up Free of Charge
Speed Commit Mbps £6.00 Set-up Free of Charge
IP Addresses IP £1.00 Set-up Free of Charge
SQL Svr Enterprise Core   £450.00 Unlimited User Licences
SQL Svr Standard Core   £180.00 Unlimited User Licences
SQL Svr Web Edition   £20.00 Unlimited User Licences
Windows Server Datacentre   £65.00 Unlimited User Licences
Windows Server Standard   £20.00 Unlimited User Licences
Windows Server Essentials   £20.00 Unlimited User Licences
Windows Web Server   £7.00 Unlimited User Licences
Windows Server Enterprise   £41.00 Unlimited User Licences
SQL Server Workgroup   £55.00 Unlimited User Licences
Licence - User - Exchange Basic SAL   £0.50 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Exchange Ent Plus SAL   £5.70 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Exchange Enterprise SAL   £5.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Exchange Std Plus SAL   £3.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Exchange Std SAL   £2.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - SQL Server Enterprise   £16.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - SQL Server for Small Business   £6.50 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - SQL Server Standard   £15.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - SQL Server Workgroup   £5.00 Per-User Licences
Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL   £4.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Windows Small Business Server Premium   £5.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Windows Small Business Server Standard   £4.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Windows Server Enterprise   £6.00 Per-User Licences
Licence - User - Windows Server Standard   £4.00 Per-User Licences
Office Standard ALNG LicSAPk MVL SAL   £15.00 Per-User Licences

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The TGP500 series devices support High Definition Sound performance. This superior wideband audio quality lets you hear every detail in the other person’s voice when they speak.

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